The Drawings

Artist Vally Mestroni created concept art for the film during the development & fundraising.

We created several trailers and promos utilizing these, accompanying by music by Grimes, who graciously gave us permission to use her earlier albums in support of the project.

In the finished movie Vally created animations that appear on the screen, conveying Casey’s interior monologue and feelings.

They give the movie an additional level of the story telling.

Vally Mestroni: Artist Website





Please watch our presentation of the script with readings by Anna Jacoby-Heron (from Steven Soderbergh’s “Contagion”) and Allen Blomfield, with music by Grimes and drawings by Vally Mestroni.

Through the assistance of Carmen Cuba, Steven Soderbergh’s casting director, we were able to able to get Anna Jacoby-Heron for a voice-over performance for our trailer reading with Allen Bloomfield.

Artwork Trailer