Our Kickstarter Is Launching at the end of this month!

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We are excited to announce that our film, “Tiger Within”, is now on its way to being a Kickstarter project after two long years of preparation, launching later this month. Our campaign will have two parts: The first will be a documentary film titled, “Forgiveness: The Future”, which will help us draw awareness to our forgiveness campaign, and, ultimately, to our “Tiger Within” film. We hope to also spread the message of forgiveness to children via exclusive school screenings of the finished documentary.

Kickstarter has seen much success recently and has received much press due to Zach Braff’s project controversy, as well as the overly-successful “Veronica Mars” future film project. Although these recent successes are extremely beneficial for those who intend to start new projects on this well-known site due to potential virality of the launched project, there will be some challenges faced. Visibility is essential for these launched projects on a site that houses so many worthy campaigns, so we will need your help in spreading the word about this beautiful and important film!

Please “Like” our Facebook page and check out our Kickstarter preview to keep up-to-date with our recent progress and successes. We’d love if you could spread the word among your friends and peers, and are working on establishing amazing Kickstarter perks for our future backers!





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