Hi Claire,

Here is the first cut of Tiger Within, which I have been talking to you about since we met 6 years ago.

I had promised I would reach out to you to score the film, and with your permission used tracks in a temp score, hopefully, to show you how perfectly your music fits with this movie and convince you to be our composer.

We are submitting to Sundance and hopefully for Academy Award consideration, and feel you could do an award-winning score.

From the first moment I heard your music in Montreal, I  always believed in you as a film-composer and feel this will be the perfect vehicle for your debut. I find it uncanny how you are almost channelling the heart and soul of the central character Casey, played by the newcomer 14-year-old Margot Josefsohn, who we choose to star in the film.

Check it out and please circle back to me as soon as possible at or my cell+text 310 614 7021.