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In preparation for the feature Tiger Within, the filming of the documentary forgiveness has been an ongoing labor of love for the Forgiveness Team and Film Art Planet. Forgiveness attempts to unravel the complicated human emotions and experiences involved in the process of real-life, interpersonal forgiveness. We, as an inspired team of artists, have set out to unearth what it is that ‘real’ forgiveness truly entails. Though the answers to our questions may not be entirely knowable, it is our hope that the interviews put forth by a multitude of cultural and spiritual leaders, as well as people on the streets of New York and Los Angeles will inspire discussion to those very ends. The distribution plan for the documentary includes outreach to educational institutions of all kinds which will provide screenings of the film at no cost to students, teachers, or administrators.

On Tuesday, July 16th, Rafal Zielinski, filmmaker, and Katie Frankenbach, the PR representative for the Forgiveness Team spoke with Mary LaLuna, the editor and head broadcaster for ArtSees Diner. ArtSees Diner is a contributor to the popular social radio network and features interviews with passionate writers and artists from all over the world. Mary LaLuna is also proud to be a schoolteacher and found our team’s mission of youth outreach to be timely, encouraged, and empowering. Rafal explained that he feels his job as a filmmaker is “not to preach” but “to create a mirror” which can reflect society as it stands, with a multitude of vastly differing opinions, personal experiences, and answers to the question ‘What is forgiveness?’ With the aim of looking more deeply and more thoughtfully into the social processes we can ‘reflect’ as artists, the Forgiveness Team has set out to start a lasting conversation. was quick to push Film Art Planet’s mission to the forefront of their homepage where the 60-minute interview with Mary LaLuna, Rafal Zielinski, and Katie Frankenbach will remain as a featured show until the end of August. The interview has already logged hundreds of listeners who we anticipate will continue to engage with the spirit of our project throughout the journey of its distribution.

Click through to the full podcasted interview here or from the logo below.

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