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A lot of people ask us why these two projects are linked. Why our we making a documentary and a feature together rather than separately? It comes down to what each type of film is capable of showing its audience.

A documentary is in many ways educational. It promotes intelligent growth through interviews and stories from real people. A feature is an experience. It promotes emotional growth through complex characters and a fictional story. The link here is story. And both films central stories center on forgiveness. With forgiveness being both an intellectual and emotional concept, what better way is there to explore the subject than through a combined documentary and feature?

Ankh Entertainment sat down with our director, Rafal Zielinski, and delved into the story of Tiger Within, and how the forgiveness documentary came about. Zielinski originally planned it to be a small project, almost like homework for Tiger Within. However, as the documentary began to take light, the message blossomed and took relevance to Tiger Within: “We never really knew that the project on forgiveness would take off, and the two projects seem to work so beautifully together. Who could resist the chance to create a multilevel visual and cultural experience through film?”

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