A journey begins

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Film Art Planet and Rafal Zielinski are incredibly proud to be involved in the development and distribution of a bold, new film project. Two movies, an educational documentary and a dramatic feature film, are to be united by their intellectual and artistic exploration of what it means to forgive.

Tiger Within, a dramatic feature film, follows the formation of an incredibly unlikely friendship between an adrift, skinhead teenager and a lonely Holocaust survivor. Their story of individual redemption sparks larger questions about personal healing and the power that forgiveness has to affect change and promote world peace. The documentary forgiveness further probes these sociocultural issues by offering hundreds of perspectives on compassion’s capacity to engender more peaceful human beings.

In preparation for the feature Tiger Within, the filming of the documentary forgiveness has been an ongoing labor of love for the Forgiveness Team and Film Art Planet. Forgiveness attempts to unravel the complicated human emotions and experiences involved in the process of real-life, interpersonal forgiveness. We, as an inspired team of artists, have set out to unearth what it is that ‘real’ forgiveness truly entails. Though the answers to our questions may not be entirely knowable, it is our hope that the interviews put forth by a multitude of cultural and spiritual leaders, as well as people on the streets of New York and Los Angeles will inspire discussion to those very ends. The distribution plan for the documentary includes outreach to educational institutions of all kinds which will provide screenings of the film at no cost to students, teachers, or administrators.


In keeping with the documentary’s emphasis on community building, the effort to fund both films will be entirely crowdsourced. The preparation of our crowdfunding venture has been long-awaited and greatly anticipated for all members of the forgiveness production team of filmmakers, artists, and promotional advocates. After much planning and careful consideration as well as a few scheduling speed bumps, the brother-sister pair of films have been allotted separate funding campaigns. The feature film Tiger Within will attempt to raise $75,000 through Kickstarter.com to meet its most basic production goals and begin shooting in September of 2013 in New York, NY. Contributors to the project donating a single dollar, as well as anything greater, will receive official onscreen credit as Associate Producers; we aspire to amass a literal wall of supporters from exceedingly diverse walks of life.

The documentary forgiveness will attempt to raise $25,000 through FundAnything.com to wrap up filming and begin our ambitious distribution plan. While this educational journey has been underway for more than a year, there are thousands more personal stories of forgiveness and redemption that could be shared. All funds raised in excess of our initial goal will help to bolster the documentary’s distributional outreach and education plan. We at Film Art Planet believe that both projects have the potential to exceed our most hopeful imagination in the scope of their influence.

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